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These are the questions I get asked frequently:


I encourage dialoge with my customers! So please if you have any questions send them in to me

so I can get them answered right away, chances are you are not the only one thinking it.

How do I use  All Well & Good Rubs?

Our rubs are different than traditional "scrubs" so there is a learning curve involved.


1. Get your body into some sort of warm water - shower, tub, lake, neighbor's hot tub, you get the idea.


2. Turn off the shower, or jump out of the lake...carefully! If you don't have a shower seat - you should really get one.


3. Grab the All Well & Good Rub in the scent of your choice, and slather a generous amount all over your beautiful body, careful to avoid eyes, and give yourself a good rub. The speed and pressure is entirely up to you!


4. Give extra time and attention to areas with cellulite, scars, acne, stretch marks and dry patches.


5. Let it rest on your skin for a good 3-5 minutes while you inhale the delicious aroma and say your daily affirmations. ;) (i.e. "It's All Well & Good...I'm All Well & Good")


6. Rinse your body (and shower) well.


7. Pat your freshly rubbed skin with a clean dry towel, and go on with your amazing life!

Are All Well & Good Rubs okay for my plumbing?

Our rubs are 100% natural and should not harm your plumbing - the salt and sugar will dissolve and the oils are kept to a minimum to keep those pipes clean.

When can I expect my Rubs to arrive?

Your All Well & Good Rubs are made to order - so the day your order is placed we get to work. We ship within 2 business days from date of order, and the shipping takes 3-5 days. You should not be waiting longer than 7 business days for your Rub to arrive. Please contact us if it takes longer than 7 days.

Can my child use them?

We are very proud that the ingredients are so pure, you could use them on baby skin - but due to the potent caffeine content we advise you to keep them out of reach of children under 12, so it neither gets on their skin, nor is accidentally ingested.

Do the rubs expire?

Our Rubs are made of 100% organic ingredients. With that comes a shorter shelf life. While unopened, the shelf life is 1 year. After opening, we recommend that you do not allow moisture to enter your All Well & Good Rub bag, and be sure to keep it sealed after each use, following these guidelines, your rub should last a solid 90 days. But you will surely use it up before then!

Can I  rub while pregnant?

Since the coffee we use in our rubs is therapy grade - meaning it has the highest caffeine content of any coffee, we would not recommend pregnant women using it. Also since the caffeine can be passed through breast milk - you may want to wait until you are done breastfeeding to use our rubs. After all that - you will definitely need an All Well & Good Coffee Rub!

Where's all the oil?

All Well & Good Rubs use Coconut and Avocado oils, these are a perfect combination to apply to warm wet skin. Coconut oil solidifies at room temperature, so it may appear 'dry' but as the Rub hits your warm skin, the coconut oil will melt and start to work. The Rub should be the consistency of wet sand - you can form it in your palm and if you pinch it, it should hold its shape slightly and will stay put on your skin. We like to think of the oil as a delivery system for the caffeine, antioxidants, Vitamins A & E and essential fatty acids -  also a moisture sealer!

How Often Do I use my All Well & Good Rub?

Each of our rubs are formulated with no harsh chemicals or sensitivity triggers, to be gentle enough to use every day on your face and all over your body. If you consistently use them (like a treatment) then you should see better results. The Zen Face has concentrated caffeine ~ it's like an espresso for your skin ~ and can be used anytime day or night, when you want a smooth radiant face. We recommend using the body rubs 3-4 days per week, that way your 8 oz supply should last a month. If you choose to use it more often that is entirely up to you, a good rule is if you see dry flakes anywhere on your skin, then its time to rub!

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Happy Rubbing!



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